about us

Since 2007, with the support of years of activity and experience in agriculture, for the first time in the country, Danjeh Bazr Mana has entered the field of research and production of summer and vegetable hybrid seeds under the brand name (Danjeh Seed) And with the help of efficient experts, has implemented codified programs to breed plants such as cucumber, tomato, eggplant, pepper, watermelon, melon and squash and pumpkin and so far, it has succeeded in producing various powerful hybrids and registering different cultivars in the list of national cultivars of the country so that it can take longer and more effective steps in this regard. Danjeh has been thinking about the growth and prosperity of our country’s agriculture by trying to increase agricultural productivity and support the interests of farmers and protect the environment and the production of powerful seeds of summer and plant hybrids, increase yield, increase plant resistance to pests and diseases and reduce the use of chemical pesticides, increase quality and improve the taste and nutritional value of the product and increase its shelf life. It is obvious that Danjeh seeds are the starting point in the proud path of producing powerful Iranian seeds, and Danjeh promises firmly to the dear farmers that every year stronger and better seeds for different climates of Iran and target markets in Introduce other countries.